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Google accused by UE Antitrust

Today, it was the expiration day for Google to answer to the european antitrust and its accuses, and just yesterday Big G has sent its answer to them.

Principally, Google has been indicted about tre points.

  1. Google obliges OEMs to preinstall its google search and Google Chrome
  2. It forbids to use forked Android versions onto their devices.
  3. It has accused to have payed companies to motivate them to install its products.

The fine is about 10% of Google’s property, so 7.5 billions dollars.
So this accuse is about limited concurrency caused by Google’s politics, but Kent Walker, Big G lawyer and senior vice president, says that Android has not limited the market, but it has expanded it. In his opinion Android has permitted more people to get a device, since thanks to its open source you can find a phone even at 45$. And that’s not all, Android developers share, sell, their apps to hundred thousands people whom are free to choose the best alternative, also to Google’s ones, so Android “is not a one sense way, but a freeway with more lanes to choose”



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