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SSD Samsung 960 PRO

Samsung this time produced something really interesting. Available only in USA (at the moment), here you the new SSD Samsung 960 PRO.

There are two variants: EVO and PRO

PRO version is the most powerful, while EVO is for less demanding users, and today I’ll present you the last PRO model commercialized.

This 960 PRO is the fastest SSD you can find in the market, in fact…


  • Write speed: 2.100 MB/s
  • Read speed: 3.500 MB/s

Data are disconcenting and against its predecessor 950 PRO, apart from speed, also the price has grown up.

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I’ll write also the prices about EVO, just to compare.


  • 250 GB: 130€
  • 500 GB: 250€
  • 1 TB: 480€


  • 512 GB: 320€
  • 1 TB: 630€
  • 2 TB: 1.300€

The PRO version offers something that you won’t find in anyother SSD, it has the newest technologies inside, so the high price is of course legit.




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