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Whatsapp is finally receiving video calls

Nowaday, everyone of us has WhatsApp installed into our smarphones, and no one can give up using it.

It is not just an Instant Messaging (IM) app, it is the most used all over the world.

You can use it on your smartphone (Android, iOS) but even on your PC, without any doubt it is the most used since it has spread on a lot of platforms in a really efficent way.

Originally, it was just a simple IM app, so it allowed you to send just messages using your internet conneciton, now things are changed, and not a little.

WhatsApp features

  • Send messages
  • View if message has been sent/received/seen
  • Send files (photo/gif/videos/some type of documents)
  • Easily open links
  • Phone calls
  • Chat groups
  • Video calls

Video calls?

Yes, this function was already available for beta testers since some weeks, but starting from today, WhatsApp is updating its app to include this new function, also on the stable version.

Though, the update is just for Android users, up to now. Of course, it will be updated on iOS as well, later on.

The new update is releasing gradually, so be patient, it is just a matter of time!





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